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  • My time with that cute little Henna was cut short - but for a good reason. She was adopted and the person who adopted her elected to finish out the puppy training class with her. That's a win for everyone! The puppy will be on the road to good canine behavior, the owner will be taught consistency and Blue Dog Rescue saves another pooch!
  • Bluebonnet and I, along with friends Karen, Kelsey, Tom, Brad, Laurelyn, Scooter and Kelsey all walked in the 1st Annual Austin ASPCA Wag'n'Walk. Karen volunteered to walk Clementine for me and I still haven't thanked her enough for doing that otherwise her nibs would not have been included in the walk. Well anyway, Clementine and Karen were the first to cross the finish line. In fact, it's taken me so long to post about this because I was hoping that the ASPCA would have some pictures of this but alas my emails to them have gone unreplied and my web searches have turned up nothing. I'm still really proud of Clemmie - she's my little athlete. Blue and I finished somewhere near the end of the pack but at least we finished - we were both exhausted afterward. It was only a mile but we aren't big walkers.
  • Kris and I have been working really hard to get our yard looking nice for the summer. The girls have made paths in the yard that I dont' think will ever recover. One in particular is around a huge oak tree in the backyard. We've decided to be creative and put pavers around the tree for a couple of reasons - 1. to cover the exposed earth around the tree and 2. so the girls' paws won't be so muddy when they play their chase game through the doggie door. The added bonus is that if they are walking along that path a lot the pavers will help keep their nails smooth. We were really proud of this idea until we saw with our very own eyes that Clementine could move the pavers. Kris thinks she did it just to show him she could. I hope the day comes soon when he realizes she is not really out to get him.
  • Blue and Clemmie will be going on a little vacation at the end of May while Mommy and Daddy go to Dallas for the Colonial Golf Tournament. The girls are very excited to spend time with humans other than us and meet some new friends.

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Channon said...

Congrats to Clemmie! That's awesome. And yay that Henna was adopted. Heck, all of your news was great.