A million thanks to Wimsey's mom

In a recent post, I wrote about participating in the ASPCA Wag'n'Walk here in Austin and how I was so proud of my girls for successfully completing the 1 mile walk (which had to feel longer on their short little legs)... but I had no pictures to show of it. To my great surprise, Wimsey's mom came to the rescue and produced a photo of Clementine from the event. It's a picture of me and Clementine visiting Annemarie Lucas from Animal Precinct. She loved Little Clementine because she also has a Basset.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth and it's just another reason I'm so thankful for all my blogging-doggy mama friends.

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Martha Basset said...

How adorable Clemmie looks! We are sure Clemmie could have done another 4 miles without any bother. After all bassets were bred to follow scents over long distances!
Well done Clemmie - Tobi too!! And well done to Bluebonnet and Auntie Karen! Hoping I have remembered that right!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx