BBQ Ambassadors

Without a doubt Blue and Clemmie are members of the family - they represent our good name just as much as Kris and I do. That is why we still work with them on not jumping on people when they come through the door , it's why we socialized them with other dogs, it's why we spoil them and talk to them like real people - we wanted them to be gracious and affable little hostesses helping us usher visitors to the designated party area of whatever kind of gathering we happen to be having and helping set the tone of the party with excitement and buzz... but instead we get this -

... lazy little ragamuffin dogs that sit in the door frame so you have to step over them to go to the bathroom and just waiting for someone to drop a piece of food.

Photogenic? Yes.

Beautiful? YES!

Helpful? Not really.


Sue said...

I think mine lie in the doorway so if they fall asleep I can't get away without them knowing.

They look like such good girls. You've done a good job.

Channon said...

Yours don't sleep on the furniture? Sissy only sleeps in the floor when she's hot, and I don't know that Gretchen ever has.

Tina. said...

They sure are helpful...

They add ambiance to the area, are quite decorative, work better then a sweeper vac when it comes to food crumbs on the floor, and just the sight of them provides one with instance stress reducer, not to mention the comic relief when we are just to darn serious!

HoneyDew and Sampson say "keep up the good work, you are living true to the basset form!"

Tee said...


We wrote something about that on our blogs - we called it 'Timber-Woo' - lounging at the most inconvenient of places i.e. in the middle of doorway, entrance, middle of road... just to get our canine points across.

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