Friends - Maiko and Jackson

So not only did the girls have two visitors over the past couple of weeks but they also befriended a lost puppy - who unfortunately I didn't get to take a picture of.

Kris was working on the Mustang in the garage and felt something brush passed his leg. He immediately thought it was Little Clementine so he looked down and found a Yorkie with a tag on. So he summoned me outside to get the number off the tag and call the owner. The Yorkie's name was Bandit and he was a good little boy and very sweet. We called both numbers on the tag and no one answered and no voice mail was available. I told Bandit that he was so sweet that he could just stay with us. Forever. At that point it was 90 degrees outside and I hadn't eaten so I told Kris I was going to take Bandit inside while I made our lunch. After a few minutes he got used to Clementine chasing him and they were all frolicking in the backyard. Too bad that Kris was able to reach the owner so soon and just 10 minutes later Bandit was out the door. We sure enjoyed his visit and wouldn't mind if he came back!

Here are pics of our neighbor Jackson who came over yesterday to visit while his mom & dad were out of town for the holiday:

And here is our friend Mason's puppy Maiko with Blue & Clemmie:

Clemmie and Maiko were fast friends and played the whole time the adults visited. They are quite a pair.

We hope everyone had a great holiday.

Kris is always encouraging me to make more posts on the blog so I'll try to keep up a better pace!


Channon said...

The girls made a new friend over the weekend too. I have been a bad blogger...

Sue said...

It fun to see the girls playing with their friends.