We are STILL looking for mama

Ok...joke's over. Where is mommy? Clem, otherwise known as Slash, for her appetite for destruction, always has her head pointed toward the front door. Last night I went looking for her about midnight only to find her sitting in the entry looking at the door in darkness. In other news Blue has been showing her dissapproval of mommy's departure by dusting me with some of the most fowl orders known to mankind. Last night as I was once again hit with the gas I turned around only to see Blue standing in the doorway on her way out of the room looking back to see my reaction.


Tobi said...


Shanerrific said...

lmao! That was too funny!

Channon said...

Our first basset did both of those things. He finally taught my husband to TELL him when he would be at the firehouse all night. Otherwise, I had my hands full trying to get that 67 lbs. of basset inside. He'd just go crash on the front porch or in the driveway, looking for his master, and then the beast would growl - not a threat, just that basset self-expression - if I tried to talk him into coming in.

(Food worked, of course. That boy lived for pigs ears.)

Sue said...

Poor babies. They are worried about their mom. What good girls!!

Don't forget to photograph the reunion.