Attention Readers!

This is Kris, Tobi's husband, making my first post on the blog. Tobi is going on a business trip for the week and I have been handed the reigns while she's gone. I figured that I would be sending her these pics anyway so why not post to the dog blog and let her 2 readers see it as well.

Thanks and be sure to check back all week for pictures of my bitches.

Kris, esq.


Channon said...

Thanks, Kris! That's very kind of you to share with all of us.

Sue said...

Hi Kris,
Good job.

Maybe I should let Rob post for me. I think I might lose my two readers if I did that.

pleintexasgirl said...

Good of you to share the testosterone with us, Kris! I can see this will be entertaining.