Moments in the backyard

Bluebonnet: Wait, wait... This is Spring? Hmph. Looks more like Fall.

Clementine: I foundz my frizbees.


BRUTUS said...

You should see all the crazy stuff that "turns up" when the snow melts here! I wouldn't be surprised to see a caveman turn up out there in the spring thaw!!

Michelle & Brutus

Martha and Bailey said...

Our garden looks a lot like that - we believe it is because our lazy humans failed to pick up all the leaves way back in Autumn!
We say Autumn you say Fall - but you know what we mean.
You two will need to snoopervise the human picking up of the leaves!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Tina. said...

We don't have any leaves in our yards except the flower beds which I wont clean up till April to protect teh flowers....but on our walk yesterday we agree all the old leaves that fell during the fall and winter were all over! Hope you all have a great day!

Sue said...

Our yard is buried under straw. The humans don't like mud. They don't know the pleasures of rolling in mud, then rolling on the carpet.

prashant said...

We say Autumn you say Fall
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