My sweet baby

This is Clementine. At 18 months old, she is still technically a puppy. And let me tell you that she still acts every bit of it. In fact, she is a naughty, naughty puppy. She has pulled my purse off the table and destroyed its' contents twice, she has chewed the tongue out of a nice pair of sneakers, she has ruined an entire bag of mini-logs for the smoker by removing them one by one and chewing on them in the yard... And all of this is just in the last week.

But still, around 3PM every day, I can't wait to be home and play with her. This freakin' dog is the sweetest girl, cutest thing on 4 legs and always smiling.


Mango said...

Cute goes a long way to being forgiven. Hey, you are still a teenager and bound to be a bit cracker dog at times.


Channon said...

Sissy is a full year older and I don't think she's a bit more mature, but I lurves her truly deeply madly do - and wee Gretchen too. She's only 18 mos as well!

gaylen said...

Welcome back! (I really need to use a reader.) Clementine is adorable. g

Martha and Bailey said...

Love the new blog look Tobi - very nice for Spring.
You know we adore Clemmie - bassets rely on being cute to get them out of difficult situations!!!

Sapphire said...

understand. totally!

prashant said...

very nice for Spring.
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