Post for Grandma

Dear Grammy,
I is not talking to your daughter again because she nearly hog tied me in order to give my nails a little clippy. I believe them polices call this excessive force. Will you please call her and gives her a message for me...

Thank you.

I love you and I miss you,


Tina. said...


Dear Clementine,

We hates having our pawdicure too...but our Mum tricks us by taking us for a ride and a treat, by way of Miss Mary's who has us done in 2 minutes, and only then do we get a treat. Hoomans are sneaky, ain't they!

Your Friend, HoneyDew and ardent admirer, Sampson.

Channon said...

Hahhahahahahhaha! I love that photo.

And I forgot to send congrats along to the winners in the BBQ post... shame on me!

Martha and Bailey said...

Clemmie, you look very cheeky in that pic!
We are sure your Grandma will sort things out for you.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Dory and the Mama said...

Good idea telling Grammy!! Grammies always look after their grandpuppies!!


Mango said...

Oh the nail clip battle. Your mom is brave to even undertake it. Mine just takes me to the vet.