Blue looking for Dr. Bob's feet at the door

Today Little Bluebonnet went to the vet to get her ears and the bump on her back checked out. Bluebonnet has the best vet and vet techs in the world. The way they talk to my dog makes my heart melt. Chris and Aaron are so sweet to Bluebonnet and I can tell that they genuinely like her. Today they cleaned her ears with Novasal and they gave her an allergy shot. She didn't even wimper. When Dr. Bob gives her the once over he says "Oh, you've got a good heart, yes you do" it's so sweet. Luckily she doesn't have an ear infection just a build up of yeast because not enough air gets up in those floopy floppy ears to dry them out. The bump on the back is another story - it could be a benign fatty tumor or it could be an insect stinger. The allergy shot will answer a lot of questions - if the bump goes down, it's a stinger, if not then it's probably a tumor. She'll have to have her teeth cleaned in the near future so we can just have it removed if it is a tumor. But the good news is that since it hasn't grown bigger it's not a big deal.

Bluebonnet is now exhausted from her outing to the vet and is sleeping comfortably on her hallway rug.

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