I'm counting down the minutes

It's a very good Friday. I have been looking forward to tomorrow for 6 weeks now. In less than 24 hours we are picking up the new puppy in Lexington!

Kris and I have been stressed out trying to figure out how to best introduce Blue to the new puppy. Blue has been an only dog for 2.5 years; she is spoiled rotten and she most certainly rules the D Family roost. She's our first priority. We want to make sure she not only minds this puppy in the house but that she loves the puppy.

I have made it more than evident how much Blue means to me. She is my best friend in the world, my #1 girl. She tolerates me (with the brushing, nail clipping and bear hugs) as much as I tolerate her (sock-stealing, general sassy attitude). I still wonder if I can love another dog as much as I love her. With Basset puppies being the cutest thing on the planet it shouldn't be too hard, though.

Blue has brought us so much happiness on a daily basis that we knew adding another Basset to our little family at this time was the right thing to do. Even last night we paused the tv to watch and listen to her eat a pizza crust. It's the cutest thing and it never gets old. We especially get a kick out of her very unlady-like belches afterward. And then there are patented moves:
• Twirly get closer - when she was allowed on the bed, she'd twirl and twirl to get in as close to us as possible
• Twirly get comfy - she will get up on the pile of pillows on her couch and twirl around until they are just right to plop down on
• Back it up - When she's next to me on the reclining couch she backs up as far as she can into the right angle my body makes with the couch
• Pathetic - whether she's just come in from a walk or she's trying to escape the heat she will find a cool spot on the floor and lie there in the way of all foot traffic looking as pathetic as possible
• Can I tell you something! - if you've ever entered the front door to our house, you've seen this one; she jumps on your legs and gives a look as though she is just bursting to tell you about the latest mistreatment by Kris and me

We can only hope that the new puppy has half the personality that Blue does. We will consider ourselves very lucky if that is how it turns out.

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PearlGirl said...

yay! new puppy!!!! can't wait!!! i almost made a trip into town just to see the new addition but i had to change my plans. next weekend is looking like a possibility.