Blue visits Lady Jessica

In an attempt to keep Bluebonnet feeling special I took her out with me yesterday while I ran some errands. She kept looking at me like "Mommy, I have a question." And I'd just say "Yes, she is STILL going to be there when you get home." After a stop to put air in one of my tires, a pop into Michaels and a drive-thru McDonald's for a giant Diet Coke we went to visit one of Blue's favorite people, the lovely Lady Jessica of Brentwood. It wasn't a very long visit but Bluebonnet was happy nonetheless. She even cowered with her tail between her legs at the little tiny dog statue Jessica has in her home. It was pretty funny. She kept going back to that corner to check it out. After Jessica's we took a nice long walk through PetSmart to use the gift card that was burning a hole in our pockets. Since I haven't noticed a change in Blue's behavior I've determined that either the special treatment is working or it's not necessary. It's hard to tell.

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