Introducing Clementine

We went and picked up Little Clementine this morning. She sure is a cutie pie! But my goodness is she a big girl. Since she was one of only two in the litter neither had to fight too hard to get their mommy's milk, so they bulked up.

Here are a whole bunch of pics of our new baby. She and her big sis', Bluebonnet, are getting along great.

On the floor of the car on the way home

Meeting Lulu for the first time

getting pets from Cousin Madeleine

roaming the yard at Frank & Lulu's

meeting her big sister Bluebonnet

they seem to like each other

they started wrestling in no time

smooth paws means no traction on the parquet floors

big yawn for a little puppers

Clemmie has the slanty face just like Blue

Clemmie comes through doggie door with daddy's help

Blue shows Clemmie how to drink from the bird bath

The girls chillaxin' in the ivy

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jessica said...

Oh my goodness, you have to frame that picture of Clementine in the grass! Way too cute!