Rough night and rougher morning

Last night did not go as well as night #1. Clementine started throwing up, on Kris then on me then in her bed, around 9:30pm. She had a lot of undigested doggie treats in her belly from visitors yesterday afternoon.

I thought that was the end of it until I was awoken two more times in the night by the sound of her puking, but by that time it was just bile. Blue, mad about being woken up so many times, got up and left the room and the bed that they share. This morning she got up with me and Blue and drank some water and within 10 minutes was throwing up the water. She's sleeping right now pretty comfortably so I'm just going to monitor the situation, but I'll probably need to bring her in for a vet visit today.

I just want my little baby to be happy and healthy and comfy so I hope it's just still jitters and getting used to a new place, but the pattern suggests something different. We'll see and I'll update.

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