The Loner

Clementine is a loner. As I've said before she will follow me around because she thinks that anytime I move around there is the possibility that she will get some food. However, for the most part, she is a loner. Kris, Blue and I will get up on the couch and resume our normal spots nightly - sometimes Clementine will join us. Even if she does though, within 10 minutes she will leave us and jump on the other couch perpendicular to us, twirl around on top of the pillows and then plant herself.


Channon said...

Our Fred was more like that than Sissy, who must be touching one of us it seems.

Tina. said...

She is a sweetie and I'm thinking that as long as she can see you she is comfortable. Isn't it wonderful how they all have different personalities?

Dew and Sampson say arwooo!

Martha Basset said...

Clementine likes a bit of space! She is happy she can see you all I expect.
You know our last basset was never on the sofa - we have now gone completely to the dogs of couse.
Why do we spoil them so?

Martha Basset said...

Hi girls, if you pop over to our blog we have something we would like to share with you!