The family that walks together

You would think that walking a dog is the same every time... but not when you have Bassets and not when one of them is a puppy. Clementine is undoubtedly the world's worst leash walker - but we keep trying. We know that eventually she will be as good on a leash as Bluebonnet is now. Well that is if she doesn't successfully undo all the good we've managed to instill in Blue.

We started out paired off with what Kris refers to as "our dogs" - that would mean he is with his beloved Bluebonnet and I am with Clementine aka The Tasmanian Devil or Scrappy-Do. It was pretty rough and I kept complaining and Kris finally just took the leash from me, put her in a submission hold, then got up her up, went off on a nice pace and tugged on the leash when she lost focus. By the end of the walk she was much better and I think Kris is interested to see how she improves so that will be a fun little activity for this family.

Blue and I stayed behind them so Clemmie could focus. When she was focused for long stretches and was walking in a jaunty manner she was just about the cutest thing you've ever seen on 4 legs. I also observed Blue from behind when Kris was walking her - she has much junk in the trunk. We've got one with a skinny little tushy and one with a big ol' caboose.


Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

I just rescued my first basset and have learned this walking thing! LOL YES, like no other breed, we smell every blade of grass, and more!!!!

Sue said...

Dog walking can be a challenge. With ten of them we have every type, the ones that sniff every blade of grass, the ones that have to mark every couple feet, the ones that lag behind and the ones that are in too big a hurry to get there.

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Mommee haz a hard time walking us both. We iz jus soo esited to see everyting! Mebbe we shud get da daddee to hep mommee next time. Wuks wike woo ar dooing a gud job!

Gus and Waldo

Martha Basset said...

Tell me about it! We also have two different size behinds!!!