This post brought to you by the letter K

After reading Chan's post today I wanted to participate and she emailed me the letter K. So here goes...

10 Things I like that begin with the letter K...

1. Kris - My husband of almost 6 years.
2. Keurig - The world's best coffee maker. I named ours Kasey.
3. Kick - as in "I like to KICK, STREEEEEEETCH and KICK!"
4. Kiwi - One of my favorite fruits. If I sat for a while and thought about it I could be inspired to create a meal and a sewing project based on the kiwi.
5. Kites - Every year in Austin there is a kite festival. Bluebonnet and I went last year. I loved laying on the ground and looking up at all the kites - there were kites that looked like bombers and kites that looked like blowfish. I never knew how creative you could get with a kite!
6. Kuckoo! My friend Scooter likes to call people Dum Dum, it's not in a mean way, it's actually very funny. I think I'm going to bring back Kuckoo - when said with a Cajun accent it's pretty funny, it's more like "koo. koo."
7. King of Kong - A really good documentary.
8. Kisses - from my husband, from my doggies, from my nieces and nephews, from my mama... they are all good!
9. Key Lime Pie - I love to make Key Lime Pies with Nellie & Joe's Key Lime Juice. One summer for a week straight I made 4 at a time!
10. Kaplan Mix - A song by Travis Matte & The Zydeco Kingpins, I always keep it on my iPod


Martha Basset said...

Very impressive - not sure I could have thought of ten things with K that I like although there is always kangaroos!

Channon said...

Fun list! I keep hearing about Keurigs...

MyBestKite Guy said...

{I never knew how creative you could get with a kite!}

Yep, some creative types make a living out of this! On our website we haven't covered the Austin kite festival yet, but you might enjoy the info on a few other International Kite Festivals. We live in Adelaide, S.A., so we have a ton of photos on the Adelaide Kite Festival pages. Enjoy!