Today my friend Cody came over and took some candid pics of me and Kris and the girls with his nice SLR camera. He took them all in color but is going to edit some of them into black and white at my request. I am really excited to see how they come out. Cody took some great shots of his two dogs, Rocky and Sugar, and I am sure my pics will come out just as great.

The family is now all huddled up on one couch watching 24 on DVR. Its really cold tonight and Kris made us a fire. An Arctic front is supposed to be coming through Austin tonight so that means we will all be keep each othe warm in the little bed again tonight.

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Martha Basset said...

Lovely picture! Be sure and post more of those. Glad you can all huddle together and keep warm. Sounds cosy.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx