Last Thursday night I blogged about my friend Cody coming over and taking some pics of me and the girls in the backyard. He took over 150 pics but we only got a few good ones because Clementine does not sit still. Cody is thinking of starting a part-time pet and children's photography business and I really think he should. Here is the best of the best:


Martha Basset said...

These are great pictures - particularly like the ones with you and the two dogs. Lovely basset hounds - of course they are never going to pose!
We wish your friend every success with his photographs and hope it kicks off.

Channon said...

Love 'em. Fred (our dearly departed basset boy) loved to pose, and Sissy is getting better about it!

Marjie said...

It's nice that we have doggy children to amuse us, isn't it? Yours are precious. Glad to see from your previous entry that Clementine has stopped eating money....oh, wait, electronics are worse. Thank goodness Thor doesn't chew stuff! I'd have no house left!