Walking them gave them more energy

My plan to walk the girls tonight to tire them out didn't work. It backfired. Less than an hour after we got back they decided it was time to annoy and chase each other. Wait let me rephrase that... Clementine decided it was time to annoy Bluebonnet.

After they stopped chasing each other and decided to calm down Clementine proceeded to sit on Bluebonnet's head and walk over her...

But seriously - how can you look at these pictures and not see why I'm so in love with these dogs. Endless entertainment and unconditional love is all I need, I'm so easy.

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Martha Basset said...

Thank you for visiting our blog and your lovely comments. My mum is new to blogging and is happy there are people out there now reading it! Your site looks really cool - we will have to read all through it. Your dogs also look great - another basset lover!!!
Good to have basset buddies.
Basset kisses from Bailey & Martha xx